Movie Review

Movie Review - "American Hustle"

On Christmas Day, I went to 2 different movie theatres (Monmouth and Hazlet) to see
"American Hustle". I was shocked that both shows at both theatres were sold old (that

Movie Review - "A Madea Christmas"

Both the Madea films and the Tyler Perry films (both Tyler Perry productions) are an
acquired taste. Lots of folks don't like one or both while other folks say they play

Movie Review - "Philomena"

Judi Dench acting icon is an acting icon in every sense of the word. I had hear that she
was done acting after the last James Bond film where she played the legendary "M".

Movie Review - "Black Nativity"

When I saw that vocal diva Jennifer Hudson was starring in this Langston Hughes play
turned musical, "Black Nativity, I was very locked in to see this move. I have been a big

Movie Review - "The Armstrong Lie"

The new Hunger Games movie essentially dominated this weekend and nothing else new
came out. Not a sci-fi guy, so was I not going to see this flic and was hard pressed to

Movie Review - "Best Man Holiday"

A few months ago a local sports coach tweeted how much I was looking forward to seeing
the movie "Best Man Holiday". I really respect quotes for what he's done for Red Bank kids

Movie Review - "Last Vegas"

Any movie with Morgan Freedman, Robert DeNiro, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas would
definitely get true movie lovers attention. But the theme of a senior citizens buddy movie,

Movie Review - "All Is Lost"

Out of respect, went to see the Robert Redford film "All is Lost". Knew absolutely nothing
about this film (theme, era, other actors etc). Within short you learn the movie is

Movie Review - "Muscle Shoals"

1st and foremost, I want to apologize for not posting this review of the iconic documentary
"Muscle Shoals" sooner. I saw this past Tuesday night and posting only now on Friday.

Movie Review - "Parkland"

I had just turned 4 when President Kennedy was shot. I'm not sure if we had a TV at the
time but I definitely have no recollection of the event in anyway shape or form. With