Movie Review

Movie Review - "All Is Lost"

Out of respect, went to see the Robert Redford film "All is Lost". Knew absolutely nothing
about this film (theme, era, other actors etc). Within short you learn the movie is

Movie Review - "Muscle Shoals"

1st and foremost, I want to apologize for not posting this review of the iconic documentary
"Muscle Shoals" sooner. I saw this past Tuesday night and posting only now on Friday.

Movie Review - "Parkland"

I had just turned 4 when President Kennedy was shot. I'm not sure if we had a TV at the
time but I definitely have no recollection of the event in anyway shape or form. With

Movie Review - "Rush"

The prime years of my youth growing up in Connecticut was the late 60's and most of
the 70's. I was the quintessential sports junkie. Not good enough to make school sports

Movie Review - "Enough Said"

All the previews showed the new movie "Enough Said" starring the Late James Gandolfini
and Julia Louis Dreyfus to be the quintessential Romantic Comedy movie. Of course, this

Movie Review - "Battle of the Year"

Was intrigued to see the new movie "The Prisoners" but its 1:46 minutes...who has that
kind of time! Defaulted to see "Battle of the Year" in 3-D (what a total $ grab...who needs

Movie Review - "The Family"

My travels took me to the Freehold 14 multiplex (near the Mall) and this theatre
is an AMC like the Monmouth Mall. The line was a little slow moving and I found out

Movie Review - "Closed Circuit"

Thank God for Joan Ellis (local movie review guru who shared a sneak
preview of "Closed Circuit" yesterday. I only read 1 or 2 sentence of her reviews if

Movie Review - "Cutie & the Boxer"

Got the to Showroom theatre in Asbury and they said “Cutie and the Boxer” was
playing “upstairs”. Went up the stairs where there were 12, yes 12 independent

Movie Review - "The Spectacular Now"

A quirky, lite story with a heavy message. What point was hammered home to me was the
value of a 2 parent household vs a single parent. “The struggle” of a single female parent in a