Movie Review

Movie Review - "The Family"

My travels took me to the Freehold 14 multiplex (near the Mall) and this theatre
is an AMC like the Monmouth Mall. The line was a little slow moving and I found out

Movie Review - "Closed Circuit"

Thank God for Joan Ellis (local movie review guru who shared a sneak
preview of "Closed Circuit" yesterday. I only read 1 or 2 sentence of her reviews if

Movie Review - "Cutie & the Boxer"

Got the to Showroom theatre in Asbury and they said “Cutie and the Boxer” was
playing “upstairs”. Went up the stairs where there were 12, yes 12 independent

Movie Review - "The Spectacular Now"

A quirky, lite story with a heavy message. What point was hammered home to me was the
value of a 2 parent household vs a single parent. “The struggle” of a single female parent in a

Movie Review - "The Butler"

Blows my mind why the directors name is in the title of the movie. To me, the name of the
movie is “The Butler” and that is how I’m going to refer to it.

Movie Review - "Fruitvale Station"

I was really looking forward to seeing the movie "Fruitvale Station" as it looked serious
and intense. Totally bummed that I mis-read the time in the paper and was 15 minutes

The Movie Winning Streak is Over - "It's So Exciting" not

The Movie "Hot Streak" had to end and I was pretty sure it was going to burn and crash
this past Friday in going to see "It's So Exciting" in Red Bank.

Movie Review - "Unfinished Song"

I saw some previews of “Unfinished Song” and had some thoughts on what it might be
about. Put it into mind as a “would be nice to see” but not a must.

Movie Review - "Monsters University"

I'm sure I saw the original "Monsters Inc" because the characters themes came back to me.
It was fun to take my granddaughter to this PG movie where it really wasn't scary.

Movie Review - "Before Midnight"

You'll be able to tell by this review that I am truly not a movie critic rather just a novice
movie reviewer. "Before Midnight" is the third part of a trilogy movie made over the last