Movie Review

Movie Review "Zero Dark Thirty" - Disappointing

"Zero Dark Thirty" had many of aspects of a movie that got me so
pumped to see it. Major motion picture, true story, not a very
fancy cast and long.

Movie Review - "The Impossible" - big time powerful

The new movie starring Evan McGregor and Naomi Watts traces the true story
of a families 1st hand experience with the 2004 Thailand Tsunami. The original family

Movie Review - "Promised Land"

My "tell" for movies (in advance if I'm not sure about going") is I simply
look for both the critics and viewers favorable % to be above 60% each (I'll still go if just

Movie Review - "Django Unchained"

"Django Unchained" has gotten some fabulous reviews from both critics and fans alike...
very highly rated.

Movie Review - "Les Miserables"

I was very excited to see "Les Miserables" as it was my all-time favorite Broadway show...
saw it 3 times. No doubt, the most powerful musical ever. Remember taking my German

Movie Review - "Killing Them Softly" review percentages told me not to go...but I went. Well I needed
a good nap.

Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini & more in the cast, how
bad could it be.

Movie Review - "Life of Pi"

Saw the preview a couple of times - looked very good, almost magical.

Just assumed that since the previews showed a young boy, animals, special

Movie Review - "Silver Linings Playbook"

Saw some previews for "Silver Linings Playbook", just didn't look interesting.

Had a window of time to see a new movie today and couldn't fit in Life of Pi.

Movie Review - "Skyfall"

With the family shipped out of state having no power, nothing
much else to do after work than go to a movie.

Not a big fan of the traditional James Bond series. But when

Movie Review - "The Other Son"

This subtitled movie is most interesting in that the stars are
actually the supporting actors who are the Moms.

Story about babies accidentally being switched at birth and discovered