Movie Review

The Movie Winning Streak is Over - "It's So Exciting" not

The Movie "Hot Streak" had to end and I was pretty sure it was going to burn and crash
this past Friday in going to see "It's So Exciting" in Red Bank.

Movie Review - "Unfinished Song"

I saw some previews of “Unfinished Song” and had some thoughts on what it might be
about. Put it into mind as a “would be nice to see” but not a must.

Movie Review - "Monsters University"

I'm sure I saw the original "Monsters Inc" because the characters themes came back to me.
It was fun to take my granddaughter to this PG movie where it really wasn't scary.

Movie Review - "Before Midnight"

You'll be able to tell by this review that I am truly not a movie critic rather just a novice
movie reviewer. "Before Midnight" is the third part of a trilogy movie made over the last

Movie Review - "Star Trek - Into Darkness"

Not a sci-fi guy at all nor a Star Trek fan from back in the day.

But the preview for "Star Trek - Into Darkness" looked interesting and the movie hit

Movie Review - "Fast & Furious 6"

Saw "Fast & Furious 6" the other day. I have no recollection if I saw versions 1-5. I was
pretty tired at the movie and I slept thru a good quarter of it.

Movie Review - "HANGOVER 3"

I saw "Hangover 1 and Hangover 2". I'm sure I laughed a bit but no major memories of
either flick (except Mike Tyson scenes. For some reason this "Hangover 3" was a much
more engaging comedy.

Movie Review - "Frances Ha"

Was in need of a "take me away" movie yesterday and heard (2nd hand} that my movie
guru recommended this one. So went off to Red Bank to see "Frances Ha" which happily

Movie Review - "Peeples"

Tyler Perry is a serious talent. Some of flicks are super serious stories that are pretty
raw and real. Others with Madea are funny but have a message. Yet others are like

Movie Review - "42"

I was so disappointed that I was unable to see the Jackie Robinson movie "42" last Friday
on opening day (I just love the magic of opening day). Plus add in baseball and its a