Movie Review

Movie Review - "Chef"

The movie "Chef" has been out for several weeks. All
I knew was that it starred "Jon Favreau" who I clearly
remember from the awesome guys comedy 1996 with Vince
Vaughn which was legendary.

Movie Review - "Start Again"

No doubt that this was the worst week my entire life (and I don't
have bad weeks ever).

I needed to find some semblance of hope. I've been looking around all

Movie Review - "Think Like Men Too"

I barely remember the 1st movie of this series called "Think Like Men" starring comedian
Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson and others. This sequel called "Think Like Men Too" is just

Movie Review - "22 Jump Street"

I was utterly desperate for a mindless take-meaway movie tonight. Of course I also wanted
to see a movie that had some pretty good reviews on Moviefone from both critics and

Movie Review - "Neighbors"

Today was one of those days where I needed to see a mindless movie that could take me
away for a couple hours. Why not go to see the sophomoric movie "Neighbors" starring

Movie Review - "The Lunch Box"/"Dabba"

I saw the previews for the Indian subtitled film “Dabba/The Lunch Box” a good 6-8 weeks
ago when at Red Bank’s Clearview theatre. Happens a lot, is especially in Red Bank,

Tim's Vermeer

I saw this terrific documentary 3 weeks ago in Red Bank. It is STILL PLAYING at the
The Showcase on Cookman Ave. in Asbury Park. Can you believe a documentary staying

Movie REVIEW "Mr. Peabody & Sherman"

I haven't been to a movie forever it seems (I think 2 weeks), so excited to trek to the movies
on this rainy day with one of my daughters and 3 year old grandson (his 1st movie).

Movie Review - "Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit"

I'm not sure if I've ever read Tom Clancy book and maybe I've seen one or 2 of the movies.
Nothing really stood out in my mind about his stories, yet "Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit"

Movie Review - "The Wolf of Wall St."

I'm not sure why I was so interested to see the movie "The Wolf of Wall St" so much.
I respected that my son had seen it and gave it high marks on the level of "The American