Movie Review

Movie Review - "Annie"

Seeing the remake of "Annie" wasn't high on my movie watching list yet it fit the time slot.
Knowing in advance that it was modernized and tweaked didn't sway me one way or another.

Movie Review - "Foxcatcher"

I have been waiting awhile for Foxcatcher to come to the area. The previews
looked intense and engaging. I was somewhat familiar with this story and moreso

Movie Review "Wild"

There has been a real dearth of new movies since Thanksgiving. Couple came out today that looked at least of interest. I had seen a number of previews for the movie "Wild" starring Reese Witherspoon.

Movie Review - "Interstellar"

I was definitely not jonesing to see "Interstellar" as I'm not really a big special effects
guy however I've always liked space movies. My son saw it and liked it alot (not surprised)

Movie Review - "Nightcrawler"

Both the movie "Fury" and "The Judge" have been in the theatres for a number of weeks
primarily due to there A list actors (Robert Duvall, Rob Lowe, Brad Pitt and more). I try

Movie Review - "St. Vincent"

I was desperate for a "take me away" movie the other day and at the same time I wasn't
interested in 2 hour plus movie, especially ones that have gotten mixed reviews, like

movie Review - "Men, Women and Children"

Other day I went to see “Men, Women & Children” playing at the Bow-Tie in Red Bank and the
1:59 running time line fit the slot. Absolutely no clues about the film so I sat back to enjoy.

Movie Review - "The Skeleton Twins"

Recently a good friend shared that she was very amped up to see the new movie "The
Skeleton Twins" playing at the Bow Tie in Red Bank. She is a big time and long time

Movie Review - "Boyhood"

I have a sense I saw previews about the film “Boyhood” quite a while ago
and looked quite engaging. But where the heck in this world am I going

Movie Review - "Magic in the Moonlight"

I went to see the new Woody Allen Movie "Magic in the Moonlight" this weekend at the
Bow Tie Cinema in Red Bank and was pleased to see the seats easily 70% full. Being that