Movie Review

Movie Review - "Starbuck" - shockingly good!

The magic of movie-going and Red Bank's Clearview Art Cinema is so present with its
current showing of "Starbuck"

Movie Review - "Temptation - Confesssions of a Marriage Counselor"

Producer/writer/director Tyler Perry's drama films definitely are not generally written to be
box office smashes. Now Mr. Perry is also well known for his "Madea" themed movies

Movie Review - "Olympus Has Fallen"

It has been a real tough spring for movies and I didn't hold much promise for the big-
screen action/thriller "Olympus Has Fallen" where the White House is attacked, near

Movie Review - "Emperor"

There has been such a barren landscape of decent movies over the last 4 weeks + (except
Quartet). You would think post Academy Award bounce, better weather (winter ending), yet

Movie Review - "Safe Haven" way better than expected

Haven't been to flicks in a few weeks and recently had a very slender window of time to
go see something. Hadn't heard a buzz on anything recently and wasn't very optimistic

Movie Review "Zero Dark Thirty" - Disappointing

"Zero Dark Thirty" had many of aspects of a movie that got me so
pumped to see it. Major motion picture, true story, not a very
fancy cast and long.

Movie Review - "The Impossible" - big time powerful

The new movie starring Evan McGregor and Naomi Watts traces the true story
of a families 1st hand experience with the 2004 Thailand Tsunami. The original family

Movie Review - "Promised Land"

My "tell" for movies (in advance if I'm not sure about going") is I simply
look for both the critics and viewers favorable % to be above 60% each (I'll still go if just

Movie Review - "Django Unchained"

"Django Unchained" has gotten some fabulous reviews from both critics and fans alike...
very highly rated.

Movie Review - "Les Miserables"

I was very excited to see "Les Miserables" as it was my all-time favorite Broadway show...
saw it 3 times. No doubt, the most powerful musical ever. Remember taking my German