Citizens for a Diverse Community Passionate in Red Bank

Started earlier this year attending a free flowing open monthly gathering of folks called
Citizens for A Diverse Society. Founded and facilitated by life long diversity advocates

Red Bank Unity Walk/Candlelight Vigil

Less is More is an old school adage that is "so accurate" in
so many ways. I kept thinking of that phrase as I left
the beautiful Red Bank Unity March/Candlelight Prayer Vigil held

The Only Place To Get Keys Made in Red Bank Today....?

RED BANK TRIVIA - Where is the only place to get keys made in Red Bank ?
(house & Mail box...sorry, no cars).

The Answer Is... - Tienda La China Poblana on the corner of Shrewsbury and

Fortune House Fundraiser

Red Bank Fortune House Fundraiser - "Finding Fortune: Preserving a National Historic
Landmark" - hosted by the T. Thomas Fortune Project Committee:

6/12/15 6-10 pm

Red Bank's BellHaven Park Nature Area - Another Secret

BellHaven Park Nature Area at the foot (western end) of Locust Landing (off Shrewsbury
Avenue) is nothing fancy and pretty small. But it is quiet, well kept, filled with birds and
it is ours.

Patriotic Pallets...A Really Catchy Look

Patriotic Pallets. Peters Place Red Bank, Only $15. Very different unique lawn decoration.

908-601-6463 (Moore Family).

Red Bank Rotary Gives Back to Red Bank Public Library

My Grandfather and store founder Max M. Prown was an very very early member of the
Red Bank Rotary Club. In addition, 2nd cousin Edward Strauss who worked at Prown's

Public Presentation of Marine Park/Clay Court Space Proposals

The fate of the long dormant & very unsightly Red Bank Clay courts will be discussed
publicly this Thursday, May 28th at 6:30 at the Red Bank Middle School.

The Brothers is Back

Are you a fan of the fancy/dancy, expensive like is the hallmark of downtown Red Bank
where patrons arrive from all over the county and beyond? Not this blue collar boy

Prown Recognized at Brookdale Graduation for Service to Red Bank Youth

I never toot my own horn yet I do think it is okay to share
about a very special recognition I received the other day tied
to the youth of Red Bank.