Red Bank Charter School Academic Achievement of Class of '14 for HS Placement Historic

by David Prown

The Academic Achievement by the 8th Grade, class of 2014, at the Red Bank Charter school
is one for the ages. 17 of the 18 students in the that class applied and were accepted into
Red Bank Regional or other local competitive high School programs for their freshman year.

Please note that several of the them applied to more than one specialized programs and were
accepted - wow!!!

Such academic achievement is extremely impressive

Here is the list:

AJ Annaruma- Engineering, AVID
CJ Bevacqua-Information Technology, AVID
Ian Birn-Information Technology
Jayne Cronin-Culinary Arts, AVID
Jael Cross-Vocal Music
Giulia Dostie- Dance, Creative Writing
Izzy Halloran-Creative Writing
Zoe Kelleher-Engineering
Ryan LeFever-AVID
Jack MacPherson-Information Technology, AVID
Suubi Mondesir-Creative Writing
Cameo Mooney-Trinity Hall, RBC, MAST
Elena Rosas-Azcatl-Early Childhood Development
Sydney Sileno-Biotechnology High School, Dance
Tamera Turner-Drama
Carlos Valdetano-Luna-Engineering
Julia Williams.-Interactive Technology, St. Paul’s School

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