Red Bank Student News - Week of 12/9/13 - Ashley Houck

by David Prown

“Ashley Houck” is a 14 year old freshman at RBR. Essentially born and raised in Red Bank
with her Mom and Dad in Judge O'Hern's home on the westside of town. I met Ashley in
5th grade when she tried out for my Red Bank schools tennis team.

What struck me about her was several things. First, she really wanted to learn the game
of tennis, listen to the coaches, improve and run hard. Secondly, she outreached in a
friendly manner to all the kids on the team unlike any player. You see, this team I created
was a joint Charter/School Middle School team which has never happened before (or since).
Back then, adults attached stigma to kids from each school. Ashley didn't give a crap what
school the kids went to. Everybody was a teammate and they were all friendly. Lastly,
didn't bring any drama to practice and matches. She brought a kind, positive, non-moping
attitude daily.

For next few years, I volunteered to coach the Charter School girls basketball team.
Though not a great athlete, she always brought an energy and an enthusiasm to improve.
Nobody hustled more, dove on the ground for loose balls, sweated and simply left it all
on the court. As a coach, you couldn't ask for more.

Ashley went to the Charter School from grades Kindergarten thru 8th/graduation).
She loved RBCS and blossomed beautifully there. She was always on the honor roll,
was a member of the Jr. National Honor Society, was a three sport athlete, did several
plays (with lead roles including Sandy in Grease Jr.). .

She is now at Red Bank Regional High School and loving it. She auditioned for and
was accepted in their prestigious Visual & Performing Arts Drama program. Just 2
weeks ago, as an RBR freshman, she had 2 roles in the student production of
Moliere's “Tartuffe”. Ashley had a major role as the 80 year old Madame Pernelle
with included two very lengthy monologues . She was remarkably poised, dynamic
and interesting as she owned the stage when she spoke.

Ashley is one of the those young people who understand success and achievement
comes hard work, overcoming obstacles and persevering. She doesn't sulk or whine.
She just puts her head down and takes care of the task at hand.

She has been beautifully raised as a single child and not spoiled or pretentious at all.
She is very close with both her parents and respects them and her grandparents
immensely. In fact, for as long as she can remember, the entire family goes out
to eat at Brothers Pizza on W. Front St. She is always the only child their, get she
is very active and participates in the conversations.

Going forward, Ashley will be trying out in short for RBR's spring musical “42nd Street”
plus she continues to Hostess at a local restaurant 1 night a week. She is also the assistant
coach of the girls basketball team back at RBCS going to every game and practice.

She achieved High Honor roll during her 1st semester at RBR which she plans on
maintaining. Her hobbies include social reading, listening to music, being around
car and monster trucks and volunteering.

Down the road, Ashley envisions herself of as a classroom teacher plus maybe the
drama coach and coaching a school sports team. She would be terrific.

With her tremendous energy, interest in talking, passion about people and things,
I can really see her having a talk show (I'll be her 1st advertiser). Well done young lady!

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