Fortune House Fundraiser

Red Bank Fortune House Fundraiser - "Finding Fortune: Preserving a National Historic
Landmark" - hosted by the T. Thomas Fortune Project Committee:

6/12/15 6-10 pm

Red Bank Middle School Student/Faculty Soccer Game '15

Today the 1st Annual Red Bank Middle School Teachers / RBMS Soccer team
Co-Ed soccer game was played at a very hot Count Basie Park.

Red Bank's BellHaven Park Nature Area - Another Secret

BellHaven Park Nature Area at the foot (western end) of Locust Landing (off Shrewsbury
Avenue) is nothing fancy and pretty small. But it is quiet, well kept, filled with birds and
it is ours.

Local Legend Series - Meet George Bowden

Awesome to have Red Bank Legend George Bowden come say hello
in my store the other day. Now over 90 and still driving, this
"Ball of Fire" is the consummate community activist that for

Movie Review - "I'll See You In My Dreams"

Interesting new film pickins' have been real slim of late. Was all set
to see "Aloha" when allergies/pollen simply laid me out. With this delay Iinadvertently

Red Bank Community Trivia Contest Visits RBMS AVID Classes

Every year I'm invited by the Red Bank Middle School 7th & 8th Grade
AVID classes (Advancement Via Individual Determination) to come talk

Patriotic Pallets...A Really Catchy Look

Patriotic Pallets. Peters Place Red Bank, Only $15. Very different unique lawn decoration.

908-601-6463 (Moore Family).

RBPS International Food Festival - Maybe the Perfect Red Bank Night

Simply check out my stomach and you
can easily tell that I LOVE TO EAT. I especially love to eat
ethnic food. So the annual Red Bank Primary School International

Red Bank Student News - 5/30/15

Time to go "Fast & Furious 8" and start cranking out these Red Bank
Student News bulletins as we approach the end of school year.

Red Bank Rotary Gives Back to Red Bank Public Library

My Grandfather and store founder Max M. Prown was an very very early member of the
Red Bank Rotary Club. In addition, 2nd cousin Edward Strauss who worked at Prown's