Movie Review - "22 Jump Street"

I was utterly desperate for a mindless take-meaway movie tonight. Of course I also wanted
to see a movie that had some pretty good reviews on Moviefone from both critics and

Red Bank Student News Week of 6/16/14 - Ass't

Coming to the school finish line and lots of good news surfacing.

At the recent Red Bank Regional HS Piano Major and Harp Ensemble, was

Red Bank Youth Tennis Team

I think it was 5 or 6 years ago I formed the Red Bank Schools tennis team as there was
virtually no kids from Red Bank playing tennis at RBR. In addition, we have only 2 tennis

Movie REVIEW - "Ida"

It has been a good couple of weeks since I've seen a movie and had a small window
of time to catch a show this past Saturday. Not into the big special effect movies at the

Theatre Review - "Third" - Two River Theatre

I probably said this before but the uber-quality shows that the good folks at the Two
River Theater Company in Red Bank produce are off the charts special.

Red Bank Student News - Week of 6/2/14 - Assorted

No doubt as Red Bank students get to the end of the
school year, there are lots of exciting achievements,
opportunities and awards to share.

Red Bank Student News - Week of 5/26/14 - Carlos Aparicio

Carlos Aparacio is a young man who has been in Red Bank most of his life, yet he
is a young man that I hardly knew up until 2 years ago. I don't know all the reasons

A True Friend to Red Bankers - The Van Loon Family

I am sure I have never or rarely written about a Non-Red Bank kid in this column. However,
when I saw the below story on the RBR web site about Sr. Jazz Van Loon, really made me

Red Bank Student News - Week of 5/19/14 - Jessica Santamaria & More

Jessica Santamaria is a 2013 RBR graduate who I met in 2007 along with here entire
family. Back then as a 6th grader, Jessica had recently arrived in the US and was a

MOVIE REVIEW - "Million Dollar Arm"

I'm a sucker for a Disney, feel good, non-fiction, sports movie and hence I went to see
"Million Dollar Arm". Surprisingly these type Disney movies have been rather mediocre