Movie Review "Penguins of Madagascar

I don't go to kids movies to often, but my grandson is 3 1/2 and wanted to get out of the
house. "Penguins of Madagascar" is rated PG (though I thought closer to a G) and the

Red Kettle Classic Basketball Tournament - Year 10! Red Bank Style

Years have flown by

Red Kettle Classic X (year 10)

Red Bank Middle School vs. Red Bank Charter School

Friday, Dec. 5th, 2014

Girls game 6pm, Boys game 7:45pm

Movie Review - "Theory of Everything"

I'm not a much of a science guy nor really any true understanding of the genius of
uber-astrophysicist Stephen Hawking Previews looked interesting and I like to learn

Movie Review - "Interstellar"

I was definitely not jonesing to see "Interstellar" as I'm not really a big special effects
guy however I've always liked space movies. My son saw it and liked it alot (not surprised)

Santa is Alive, and Well and Living in Red Bank

Carl Colmorgen is a lifelong Red Banker and his family name is very well
known and respected (as are his fellow family members). Not some

Movie Review - "Whiplash"

The new independent film "Whiplash" starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons mostly
caught my eye as it looked intense and these are 2 interesting actors. Teller reminds

Red Bank Student News - Week of 11/10/14 - Josh Bruce

Seriously, I barely know Josh Bruce. All I knew pretty much was that he a very
independent, free spirit, creative, individualistic young man. Same can be said for

Movie Review - "Nightcrawler"

Both the movie "Fury" and "The Judge" have been in the theatres for a number of weeks
primarily due to there A list actors (Robert Duvall, Rob Lowe, Brad Pitt and more). I try

Future Bucs College Visit to Kean University

Future Bucs Red Bank ( and on facebook) made another college trip
yesterday with 8 less served kids to Kean University. (Back row L to R) Isaiah Sestito,

Movie Review - "Birdman"

Maybe once a year, the Red Bank Arts Theatre devotes a single movie on both screens. I think
films like "Life is Beautiful", "The English Patient" and "Juno" played both screens at this fine