Quarterly Future Bucs College Trip Today to Monclair State

Took advantage of another day off from school at RBR, to take 11 Red Bank Students
to Montclair State University today for a college visit.

Movie Review - "Selma"

Truth be told, I knew little of the "Selma" story and was thrilled to find a
gap to see the day before the national celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.

'13 RBR Graduate from Red Bank Living The Dream at West Point

I had previously written about Patrick Schroll and his twin sister Morgan back in 2011
and they both graduated RBR in '13 (Morgan is a Delaware)

Movie Review - "An American Sniper"

There are movies; there are films and there are epics. Today I say an uber-epic.

I have just returned from seeing "An American Sniper". I must say I was very

Movie Review - "Big Eyes"

It is often said that men don't read directions, won't ask for directions etc. etc. well..
guilty as charged. Was jonesing for a good movie recently "American Sniper" was

Red Bank JV Wrestlers at RBR Enjoying Early Success

Shout to RBR wrestlers from Red Bank who had great success at JV wrestling tournament
this past weekend at Jackson Liberty. Ivan Tecalero (Pictured here) with a bronze at 145lbs

Prown Top 10 Movie Picks of 2014

Saw about 50 first run flicks in theatres in 2014 so here is my top 10 as some are still
in theatres, some will come back due to end of year awards and

Red Bank Senior Hoopster Featured in Today's Asbury Park Press

A very enjoyable interview in todays Asbury Park Press with RBR Senior from Red Bank
Anthony Mitchell

Movie Review - "Annie"

Seeing the remake of "Annie" wasn't high on my movie watching list yet it fit the time slot.
Knowing in advance that it was modernized and tweaked didn't sway me one way or another.

Movie Review - "The Imitation Game"

It is almost a rite of passage to go to see a new release movie on Christmas Day. If you
asked me 4 weeks ago, it seemed like there was going to be 3-4 must see films. Some