New Basketball Courts in Red Bank

It was 2 years ago this month that one of the basketball rims/backboards at Count Basie
Park got damaged and taken down. So this basketball facility, which featured only 2 full

Red Bank Student News - Week of 8/10/14 - Assorted

Where do I start???? Kids are starting to head off to college so let me
start with a list of recent RBR graduates from Red Bank heading off

Movie Review - "Into The Storm"

Repeat after me..."Though Shall See Special Effects Movies Only on Big Screens"

I have been saving this for years but I'm a ridiculously slow learner. More often

4 Free/Gratis Latino Playwright Readings at Two River Theatre

The remarkable Two River Theatre Company is iconic to me for two reasons. First, their
out of the box, exciting, adventurous theatre productions every season knock my socks

Movie Review - "Alive and Inside: A Story of Music & Memory"

Movie reviewers like myself essentially rate movies on a varieties of scales from horrid to
great. Yes, a pretty overused word.

Horizons Summer Enrichment Program - Nothing Better for RB kids

The Horizons Enrichment program is celebrating its 19th year hosting the
best ever local summer opportunity for Red Bank kids.

Movie Review - "Get On Up"

The previews for the James Brown Biopic "Get On Up" looked like an utter home run.
To me it was one of those films that I had to see on opening day (and I did).

Pre-RBR Tryout for Girls Volleyball Clinic - Red Bank Style

Future Bucs - Red Bank ( recognized long ago that students
from Red Bank just don't have all the tools in their tool belt compared to their friends

Movie Revew - "A Most Wanted Man"

I am not even sure if I ever heard of or saw any previews for the new movie "A Most
Wanted Man" which stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman's in his final film. His body

The Legend of Lunch Break - Check this out

I'd be hard pressed to identify a better branded and a better supported local
charity than our own Lunch Break founded by Norma Todd and carried on
by current Executive Director Gwen Love.