Rising 9th Grade Red Bank Girls Learning Volleyball from Fellow Alum

Often, especially in the field of athletics, Red Bank kids skill and understanding
wise coming into Red Bank Regional trails behind their peers from the other towns.

Movie Review - "Mr. Holmes"

There were a couple of seemingly interesting movies that
came out over the weekend. Could only see one and had to
take a sneak look at some of the ratings/metrics on line.

Red Bank Student News - 7/26/15

Sorry I have been off my game the last 30 days…to many fun things to do
every evening after work.

Best wishes to RBR Class of '14 Red Banker DeVonte Clark who recently
joined the Army

Movie Review - "Jimmy's Hall"

Boy was the new film "Jimmy's Hall" playing at the Bow Tie in Red
Bank a very pleasant surprise. Set in very rural Ireland in the

Movie Review - "Trainwreck"

I'll be the first to admit that I bought into the allure of the new movie
"Trainwreck" on the fun, light previews highlighting a romantic comedy and

Movie Review - "Amy"

Like most, I was way Into music in my teens and twenties. And then the notion of going
to concerts, buying/listing to music slipped away unfortunately. I've been barely in touch


I'll be the first to admit "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" had me
at the 1st preview. Youth, diversity, adversity themes that all work
for me.

Movie Review - "Infinitely Polar Bear"

Had no clues what the "Infinitely Polar Bear" was about or who was in it.
Simply fell in love with the 90 minute running time and boom they had me.

A Legendary Day for a Red Bank Student/Athlete

I really have no ideal when I first met Red Banker George Dawson-Daily III but
has to be 6-7 years easy. Born here of Costa Rican decent 15 years ago,

Movie Review - "Testament of Youth"

The new film "Testament of Youth" is a fabulous film and my apologies
for got getting out this review earlier this week while it was still