One of the Greatest Nights Ever for Red Bank Kids

Last night, the 4th Annual Count Basie Cup Soccer Double Header between the Red Bank
Charter School and Red Bank Middle School was played at Count Basie Park. On the turf,

Movie Review - "Muscle Shoals"

1st and foremost, I want to apologize for not posting this review of the iconic documentary
"Muscle Shoals" sooner. I saw this past Tuesday night and posting only now on Friday.

Red Bank Student News - Week of 10/21/13 - Darryl Jackson and More

I am writing about “Darryl Jackson” for 2 very unique reasons. First for something special
he did for my son when they were both in grade school (and I'm sure Darryl doesn't remember

Never Forgotten - Albert E. Martin

In about 6 weeks, it will be the 1 year anniversary of the shocking passing of Red
Bank's own Albert E. Martin at the raw age of 18.

RBR Greatest Football Win in Years - Update

RBR pulled off a thrilling double overtime win at Neptune today 36-35. Greatest RBR football
win since the teams stunning 28-26 of a very powerful Matawan team on a Monday afternoon

Movie Review - "Parkland"

I had just turned 4 when President Kennedy was shot. I'm not sure if we had a TV at the
time but I definitely have no recollection of the event in anyway shape or form. With

Used Outdoor Basketballs Needed

During last summer, after years of neglect and disregard, a resident and her friends led an
effort to install fabulous new basketball backboards, rims and nets at the Montgomery Terrace

Movie Review - "Rush"

The prime years of my youth growing up in Connecticut was the late 60's and most of
the 70's. I was the quintessential sports junkie. Not good enough to make school sports

Movie - "Gravity 3-D"

I'm not a sci-fi guy nor a space fan nor a 3-D guy. I also really couldn’t imagine either
big screen stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in a space 3-D thriller. Rated PG-13


I never watch movies on DVD's or stream. It is either the big screen or nothing. So
sometimes I get a little crazy and try to fit in movies all over the place if I think a