Red Bank Student News - 9/19/15 Johny Rivera & More

Took my grandson to Eastside Park after dinner the other night and pulled up by the
basketball court. The minute I opened my door, I heard the beautiful, melodic sounds


Johnny Depp's new film "Black Mass", where he plays true life Boston/Irish thug mobster
James "Whitey" Bulger, is terrific. Depp and the rest of the actors are cast perfectly.

RBR Football Off To An Exciting 2-0 Start

Last week the Colts Neck Cougars, under new coach and former NFLer Darian Barnes
played a very close game vs. an always tough Howell Rebels team (which raised my


Did I want to see the new movie "Grandma" because I'm a grandparent myself? Did I want
to see the new movie "Grandma" as sort of thank you to Lily Tomlin for her long career?

Y Teen Achievers/College Bound Club A Must for Red Bank Kids

At the end of the day, for the young people in Red Bank, education is the ticket.
They may not have the resources to go to specialty camps, travel abroad, get private

Red Bank Student News - 9/12/15

Definitely been a bit remiss with my Red Bank Student News updates and promise to
be more diligent as lots of good news to report.

Opening NIght Re-cap for RBR Varsity Football

There is nothing like going into "Opening Day" of any sports season, regardless of level,
as optimism and hope rides high. No doubt that America's sport is now football and

Citizens for a Diverse Community Passionate in Red Bank

Started earlier this year attending a free flowing open monthly gathering of folks called
Citizens for A Diverse Society. Founded and facilitated by life long diversity advocates

St. Anthony's Social Concerns Committee Does Great Work

Flying way under the radar under the category of "Good Deeds" is the long time,
magical work of the St. Anthony's Social Concerns committee (Bridge Ave, Red Bank).

Movie Review - "Learning to Drive"

I adore watching greatness…I mean historic, all time greatness whose talents &
heroics transcend generations. Whether sports, the arts I am "all in" to watch