Buy an RBR Sandwich at Sickels & Free Ticket to RBR/Long Branch Football

BUY one the RBR "Battle of the Classes Sandwiches" at Sickle's Market In Little Silver this
Friday, Saturday or Sunday (Nov. 22-24)


Movie Review - "Best Man Holiday"

A few months ago a local sports coach tweeted how much I was looking forward to seeing
the movie "Best Man Holiday". I really respect quotes for what he's done for Red Bank kids

Thank Goodness for L.S. Indoor Tennis

I play tennis year round anywhere from 3-5 days a week. Although my stomach doesn't
show it, I do....and I'm surprisingly good (doubles only). For the last # of years, I would

Movie Review - "Dallas Buyers Club"

Dallas buyers club is one heck of a movie based on a true story. Focuses on the world of
HIV/AIDS in the mid 80's when this horrid illness was exploding across our population.

Two River Theatre Company - The New "Greatest Show On Earth"

I grew up in Connecticut and cut my theatre teeth at the world
reknown Long Wharf and Yale Rep. Theatres. Hence where this
frumpy old guy gained his love for unique, obscure, non star

Red Bank Student News - Week of 11/11/13 - Maya Ghosh & More

14 year old Maya Ghosh from Red Bank has been living here her entire life. Amazingly,
I barely know her and all her talents. She's a freshman at High Tech High and has 2

RBR Graduates Plays on National Champion Brookdale Girls Soccer Team

RBR '13 graduate "Raquel Rodriguez" tried out and made the very, very, very high
level Brookdale soccer team in this her Freshman year (Blue headband, 2nd row
to the right).

Keyron Sheard Pro Basketball Update/Interview - RBR class of 2005

Great to see RBR hoops standout (class of '05) thriving playing playing professional
basketball overseas (I think his 3rd season). Plays for BC Utenos "Juventus" in Utena,

Movie Review - "About Time"

I'll be the first to admit I enjoy well made romantic comedies/chick flicks if you will.
Both "Notting Hall" and "Love Actually" with Hugh Grant I thought were tremendously

Movie Review - "Last Vegas"

Any movie with Morgan Freedman, Robert DeNiro, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas would
definitely get true movie lovers attention. But the theme of a senior citizens buddy movie,