Movie Review - "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

I wanted to see the movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel" the minute I saw the previews.
The director Wes Anderson makes the "funnest" movies. "The Darjeeling Limited, Royal

Academic Excellence Continues at Red Bank Middle School - High School Program Acceptances

The Red Bank Middle School just announced their excellent result of current 8th
Graders and their placement achievement at Red Bank Regional High School
next year. Very impressive

Red Bank Charter School Academic Achievement of Class of '14 for HS Placement Historic

The Academic Achievement by the 8th Grade, class of 2014, at the Red Bank Charter school
is one for the ages. 17 of the 18 students in the that class applied and were accepted into

Movie REVIEW "Mr. Peabody & Sherman"

I haven't been to a movie forever it seems (I think 2 weeks), so excited to trek to the movies
on this rainy day with one of my daughters and 3 year old grandson (his 1st movie).

Red Bank Student News Week of 3/24/14 - Ass't

"Laritza Lopez", Red Bank Regional graduate of 2012 (and 2008 Red Bank Middle School
Graduate) was recently invited back to RBMS to the the guest speaker for their recent

RBR Faculty/Staff/Admin. Sings "Happy" Youtube (Pharrell Williams)

A most enjoyable RBR Faculty/Staff/Admin. create, sing and danceto their own unique
YouTube video version of Pharrell Williams smash hit "Happy".

Red Bank Student News Week of 3/17/14 - Sam MacPherson

Sam MacPherson is a 16 year old Junior at Red Bank Regional High School. He is in the
Sports Medicine Academy (2nd year of a 3 year program). After school, depending on

Albert E Martin Hoops for Horizon Tournament - Red Bank Style

This past weekend, the annual Albert E. Martin Hoops 3 on 3
fundraising basketball tournament was held at Rumson
Country Day School for the benefit of the Horizons Summer
Enrichment program.

Red Bank Student News Week of 3/10/14

Earlier this week at the Red Bank Middle School, they held the Jr. National Honor Society
induction ceremony. I was notified by standout 7th graders “Jesus Rodriguez, Jose Campa


In January, February and March I rarely go to the movies for 2 reasons. First, I am a girls high
school basketball nut and I'll go to a game over a movie. Secondly, the