A Special Evening at the Red Bank Middle School

I brought my grandson to the RBMS African American Celebration the other night called
"The Past, Present and Future". It was tremendous!!! A fabulous compilation and tribute

Red Bank Youth Achieves Eagle Scout Recognition

Had the pleasure to attend the Eagle Scout Court of Honor awarding
of an Eagle Scout recognition to Red Banks own Slater Richardson.

My Oscar Pics

I'm pretty sure I've never watched the Oscar ceremony nor really had any interest.
However, I bet it is a heck of a show and my loss for never seeing it. No doubt,

Red Bank Kids in the News - 2/21/15

Recently the RBR Board of Education honored its highest academic academic achieving
stars with their own Varsity Letter. Here is a list of the most impressive students from

Movie Review - "Kingsman - The Secret Service"

Take James Bond but instead of a 1 man show imagine Batman and his sidekick Robin.

Movie Review - "Black or White"

I just had to go see the movie "BLack or White" as it closely reflects a story playing
out in our lives/family. I'm not sure why I wanted to see it or maybe I hoped it would be

Red Bank Student News - Wendy Galdamez

Great to catch up with RBR Junior Wendy Galdamez.
Probably got know her and her family a decade ago
when she was in my summer "Pool/School" program.

Movie Review - "Into The Woods"

I saw the Broadway version of "Into the Woods" in the 80's with
Bernadette Peters just a few days after I saw "Les Miserables" with

Catching Up with Red Banker Jon Lazo

Jon Lazo graduated from RBMS in '06, RBR in '10 and Brookdale in '13.
I remember him, especially wrestling, back when RBMS had wrestling
team so I must know him for a dozen years easy.