Movie REVIEW - "Ida"

It has been a good couple of weeks since I've seen a movie and had a small window
of time to catch a show this past Saturday. Not into the big special effect movies at the

Theatre Review - "Third" - Two River Theatre

I probably said this before but the uber-quality shows that the good folks at the Two
River Theater Company in Red Bank produce are off the charts special.

Red Bank Student News - Week of 6/2/14 - Assorted

No doubt as Red Bank students get to the end of the
school year, there are lots of exciting achievements,
opportunities and awards to share.

Red Bank Student News - Week of 5/26/14 - Carlos Aparicio

Carlos Aparacio is a young man who has been in Red Bank most of his life, yet he
is a young man that I hardly knew up until 2 years ago. I don't know all the reasons

A True Friend to Red Bankers - The Van Loon Family

I am sure I have never or rarely written about a Non-Red Bank kid in this column. However,
when I saw the below story on the RBR web site about Sr. Jazz Van Loon, really made me

Red Bank Student News - Week of 5/19/14 - Jessica Santamaria & More

Jessica Santamaria is a 2013 RBR graduate who I met in 2007 along with here entire
family. Back then as a 6th grader, Jessica had recently arrived in the US and was a

MOVIE REVIEW - "Million Dollar Arm"

I'm a sucker for a Disney, feel good, non-fiction, sports movie and hence I went to see
"Million Dollar Arm". Surprisingly these type Disney movies have been rather mediocre

One of My All Time Favorite Red Bank Students Recognized the the BGC

RBR Senior "Sandra Morris" is one of my ALL TIME favorite Red Bank kids (please don't
tell the others".

I have known forever and there is something about her story, her

RB Tennis Team Graduates Now Playing at RBR

5 years ago I created the Red Bank Schools Tennis Team program which is a co-ed
team of players of kids from both Red Bank Middle & Charter School.

Movie Review - "Neighbors"

Today was one of those days where I needed to see a mindless movie that could take me
away for a couple hours. Why not go to see the sophomoric movie "Neighbors" starring