RBR Hispanic Heritage Showcase Impressive

A few weeks ago, I attended the annual Hispanic Heritage
Assembly at Red Bank Regional High School. I have attended
a # of these over the years and particularly enjoy when I

Movie Review - "My All American"

I cannot explain how much OF a sports junkie I was growing up.
I read every sports newspaper, every sports magazine, watched any
all sports related TV programs and more. I know so much sports

Red Bank Charter School International Day '15 Rocked My Socks

No doubt I'm behind the 8 ball due to my business move and
hope to be back on my Red Bank writing game soon.

A few weeks back, I attended the Annual Red Bank Charter School International Day

Movie Review - "Spectre"

I wrote this review 2 weeks ago and not sure why I didn't post…was somewhat "unmotivated"

Like most baby boomers, James Bond films have been part of our lives for a real long time. These

Movie Review - "The 33"

Seems more and more common that movies being made today
are based on true stories. Sometimes the stories most
people know about; sometimes we somewhat know of the story

RBR Football Continues Undefeated Season and Advances in Playoffs

I think Red Bank Regional has has 1 state playoff game in the last
10 seasons and I think we lost in the 1st round.

Coming off a remarkable undefeated season (8-0), RBR was amped up hosting

Nothing Fancy but Boy Does the Red Bank Salvation Army Do Good Work

There are lots of cool, hip, trendy, fancy, famous and more local
non profits and charities here in Eastern Monmouth County. Let me
tell you about one "that's not".

Dance For Kindness in Red Bank today sans Red Bankers

I heard in years past that this modified Flash Mob event
comes to Broad St. No clues why I haven't made it in the
past but wanted to see and the weather today was terrific.



So she may not be a major box office draw, but "CATE BLANCHETT" is as fine an
actor in the world today. Now add in that her new film "Truth" also includes

Latino Home Cooked Food Item of the Week - "En Frijoles"

I spend a good bit of time taking flyers to various kids home for informational
purposes or to sign them up for a free program or collect the complete form.