Movie Review - "The Imitation Game"

It is almost a rite of passage to go to see a new release movie on Christmas Day. If you
asked me 4 weeks ago, it seemed like there was going to be 3-4 must see films. Some

Movie Review - "Foxcatcher"

I have been waiting awhile for Foxcatcher to come to the area. The previews
looked intense and engaging. I was somewhat familiar with this story and moreso

Movie Review - "Top Five"

The other day I was scanning to get a sense of new releases for this
weekend. Never heard of Chris Rock's "Top Five" and tried to get a rating percentage

Movie Review "Wild"

There has been a real dearth of new movies since Thanksgiving. Couple came out today that looked at least of interest. I had seen a number of previews for the movie "Wild" starring Reese Witherspoon.

red Bank Student News - Week of 12/8/14 - Red Kettle Classic & More

Pleased to be a part of the 10th Annual Red Kettle Basketball this past
Friday night at the Salvation Army. This annual showdown double-header between

Movie Review "Horrible Bosses 2"

"Rosewater" has here and gone in less than a week. "Foxcatcher", released a few weeks
ago, has yet to find its way to Monmouth County. So in utter desperation, I went to
see "Horrible Bosses 2".

Never Forgetting Albert Martin

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the utterly shocking and stunning
passing of Albert “Biggie” Martin.

Here is a copy of the story I wrote about Albert the day after died

Red Bank Student News - Week of 12/1/14 - Arturo Varela

I met "Arturo Varela" in 2005 when he was a freshman and participating
in my weekly sports program. Over time, got to know him and his family

Movie Review "Penguins of Madagascar

I don't go to kids movies to often, but my grandson is 3 1/2 and wanted to get out of the
house. "Penguins of Madagascar" is rated PG (though I thought closer to a G) and the

Red Kettle Classic Basketball Tournament - Year 10! Red Bank Style

Years have flown by

Red Kettle Classic X (year 10)

Red Bank Middle School vs. Red Bank Charter School

Friday, Dec. 5th, 2014

Girls game 6pm, Boys game 7:45pm