RB Student New - 10/5/15 - Michael Horowitz & More

Thirteen year-old "Michael Horowitz" (Pictured) is a life-long Red Bank resident and is
currently an eight grade student in the Red Bank Middle School. He is also a member

Movie Review - "Sicario"

Small window of time to catch a flick this past Friday and the only ones that fit
my time slot was "The Intern" with DeNiro & Hathaway (great actors, movie couldn't be

Two River Theatre Company - " Newest Play - "7 Guitars"

The esteemed Two River Theatre Company in Red Bank, NJ is presently
showcasing their 4th production of August Wilson's remarkable 10 play series set in the

Excellent Community Feeling at RBBEA Family Movie Night/BBQ

Attended a very community oriented and relaxed Outdoor Family Movie Night & BBQ featuring
the movie "Home". Sponsored by the RB Boro Education Association and the RBPS & RBMS PTO's,

St. Anthony's Social Concerns Committee Totally Supports Red Bank Kids

It has been a full dozen years now that the St. Anthony's Church here in Red Bank,
specifically their Social Concerns Committee have been a most blessed supporter

Red Bank Student News - 9/19/15 Johny Rivera & More

Took my grandson to Eastside Park after dinner the other night and pulled up by the
basketball court. The minute I opened my door, I heard the beautiful, melodic sounds


Johnny Depp's new film "Black Mass", where he plays true life Boston/Irish thug mobster
James "Whitey" Bulger, is terrific. Depp and the rest of the actors are cast perfectly.

RBR Football Off To An Exciting 2-0 Start

Last week the Colts Neck Cougars, under new coach and former NFLer Darian Barnes
played a very close game vs. an always tough Howell Rebels team (which raised my


Did I want to see the new movie "Grandma" because I'm a grandparent myself? Did I want
to see the new movie "Grandma" as sort of thank you to Lily Tomlin for her long career?

Y Teen Achievers/College Bound Club A Must for Red Bank Kids

At the end of the day, for the young people in Red Bank, education is the ticket.
They may not have the resources to go to specialty camps, travel abroad, get private