Movie Review - "Birdman"

Maybe once a year, the Red Bank Arts Theatre devotes a single movie on both screens. I think
films like "Life is Beautiful", "The English Patient" and "Juno" played both screens at this fine

Red Bank Middle School Student Council Elected '14/'15

Yesterday, Nov. 4, 2014 was election day through the United States. It was also Student
Council election day at the Red Bank Middle School.

Movie Review - "Before I Go To Sleep"

It was Halloween Day and I fully suspected the theaters to be littered with useless
Halloween horror/gore flicks that I dislike immensely.

Movie Review - "St. Vincent"

I was desperate for a "take me away" movie the other day and at the same time I wasn't
interested in 2 hour plus movie, especially ones that have gotten mixed reviews, like

Red Bank Student News - Week of 10/27/14 - Andres Perez & More

'09 Red Bank Regional HS, '11 Brookdale and '14 Rutgers graduate Andres Perez (shown
here) was invited to be the featured speaker recently at RBR's Hispanic Heritage

Red Bank Charter School Annual International Day Celebration

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been invited to the Annual Red Bank Charter
School International of my favorite school events. This event is always

movie Review - "Men, Women and Children"

Other day I went to see “Men, Women & Children” playing at the Bow-Tie in Red Bank and the
1:59 running time line fit the slot. Absolutely no clues about the film so I sat back to enjoy.

Movie Review - "Gone Girl"

I think the movie "Gone Girl" has been out for at least 3 weeks and I did everything I could
to stay away from hearing the storyline outside of the previews. I was successful and

Movie Review - "The Skeleton Twins"

Recently a good friend shared that she was very amped up to see the new movie "The
Skeleton Twins" playing at the Bow Tie in Red Bank. She is a big time and long time

Count Basie Cup "V" Red Bank Soccer Spectacular

It is amazing to me that virtually every single Count Basie Cup soccer game
between the Red Bank Charter and Middle school has been decided by on average one