Elsie's Subs of Red Bank 50 Years Old and Better Tasting Than Ever

by David Prown

Elsie's Subs of Monmouth Street is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. In a downtown, often filled with change and turnover, this legendary eatery is as popular as

Great prices, fresh breads, famous plastic bags and a killer dill pickle, Elsie's remains
as popular as ever. Now serving its 3rd generation of Red Bankers, Elsie's is a "must
visit" for all Red Bankers returning to visit.

To fossil Red bankers like myself who aren't allowed to leave town by law, Elsie's is regular part of one's diet. In fact, it is worth the risk of the $ 38 dollar ticket (as there is rarely parking) to illegally park in front of the southern entrance to Tubby's gas station, race inside for your favorite sandwich and rush out (but fyi, you can also eat in for walkers).

Elsie's Subs are worth every penny. A throw back establishment that belongs in the Smithsonian. A true Jersey Shore sub shack.

Stop in to say "Happy Anniversary" to the Tish and Chris when you visit - great people, great attitude, great food.

P.S. I'll hype Chris's amazing Halloween pumpkin carving side business in the fall.